Blockchain online
voting service

Run stakeholders votings, board elections, referendums and polls online in a secure, transparent and fast way.
Immutability and transparency
Blockchain technologies ensure data transparency and immutability. Once a user’s choice has been recorded into the blockchain, it cannot be altered. Every user can make sure that their vote has been counted.
Ballot secrecy and confidentiality
Cryptography algorithms and smart contracts ensure data encryption and protection from unauthorized access. Ballots are taken and counted in an encrypted form, the organizer can see only the final results.
Ease of use
The service’s interface makes it practically effortless to create a secured blockchain voting process. Voters only need a browser that can be opened on any device. Notifications for the participants and reports about voting results are generated automatically.
Scope of application
Blockchain-based e-voting is the most secure way to get votes or take opinion polls, register people’s choices and ensure their preservation intact.
It might be of interest to the governing organs of legal entities irrespective of their forms of ownership.
Voting of shareholders
Elections of management boards at various organizations
Board meetings and corporate decision making
National and municipal elections
1000 VOTES
590 €
185 €
65 €
Free of charge
valid for 3 months
valid for 6 months
valid for 9 months
Where do I start?
It’s easy to organize elections and polls while leveraging the reliability of blockchain technologies: register with the service or write to us to discuss how the service can be integrated into your current system of decision making.
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