Blockchain Life Awards 2022

The winners of Blockchain Life Awards, the most prominent awards in blockchain, crypto and mining around CIS and Europe, were chosen with WE.Vote e-voting service.

The Task

Blockchain Life is the biggest blockchain, crypto and mining forum in CIS and Europe. In April 2022 this event accumulated more than 5000 visitors and 100 exhibitors. One of the key forum events is Blockchain Life Awards, where the winners are chosen during an open voting.

Previously the voting was a simple poll on the forum website. Anyone could make a choice after Facebook authorization. In 2022 the forum decided to move the voting to blockchain.

The Solution

WE.Vote blockchain service for online voting already proved itself in many different projects, including other awards, and that’s why it was chosen for Blockchain Life Awards 2022 as well.

For Blockchain Life Awards 2022 extra authorization options were added to WE.Vote. Earlier a user could authorize via his email or telephone number. The organizers of Blockchain Life forum weren’t satisfied with both options. So we’ve provided this voting with authorization via Telegram bot. The solution is using today’s popular communication channels, which is important for a technological forum. Also, it requires no extra fee for SMS services.

The voting preparation took a month overall, including voting portal development. The voting took place on April, 5–15, and then the organizers received a detailed report about each of the 7 nominations.

The image shows the interfaceThe report for “The best mining hardware producer” nomination

Blockchain Life Awards in autumn 2022 became the biggest e-voting to be based on WE.Vote within Waves Enterprise mainnet. The audience has tripled, compared to the spring voting.

Thanks to Waves Enterprise, this year’s Blockchain Life Awards truly followed basic blockchain values — decentralization, security and anonymity. Thousands of people have chosen the best companies in industry and supported its further development

Sergey Khitrov

Founder of Blockchain Life, Listing.Help and Jets.Capital

How It Works


A user visits Blockchain Life Awards 2022 page and clicks “Login with Telegram” button


In the messenger the user receives a bot request for his Telegram username.


Then he receives a bot request for authorization with Telegram.


After the confirmation the user gets access to his e-ballot on the voting page.


The user chooses the winners in 7 nominations and then he can check the transactions with his votes to ensure they have been calculated.

The image shows the results of the voteThe voting page

WE.Vote Advantages

  • Transparency — every voter can ensure his vote has been calculated
  • Customized authorization — including authorization with easy-to-use Telegram bot
  • Immutability — all the votes are recorded into the blockchain state and can’t change
  • Fast result processing — the reports are ready right after the voting is finished

The Results

35 879

votes in all the nominations were accumulated during the autumn voting

21 592

voters took part in the autumn voting of 2022

15 509

votes were accumulated in the most popular nomination “Mining project of the year”


nominations were announced for the autumn awards in 2022